Azure Cloud Integration Module – details

Use Azure Cloud Integration Module to create Enterprise Architect elements representing your Azure Cloud Resources online.

Currently supports all the following Azure Resource Types:

When using Azure Cloud Integration Module you will have all your Azure resources represented as EA elements organized in packages. Keep them synced and customize the synchronization frequency according to your needs.

Every Azure Resource type is pre-configured in EA based on a customized MDG. You can use the given setup or you can customize the field mapping or the element stereotypes.

Configure your synchronization frequency, read time and other parameters. Confidential data (Client ID, Client secret and Tenant ID) is not exposed in the model, but configured in the server side.

Repeat the same process for every Resource type or just use the default configuration.

After the first synchronization cycle, you will have folders for every Azure resource type in your EA model.

In every folder you will have all the resources in your Azure tenant (all subscriptions) for the given resource type.

If you inspect the resource properties, you will find the detailed Azure information in the element tag values, organized in tag value groups.

You can create internal subpackages for a given resource type, according to the resource attributes (for example, the operating system of a virtual machine).

Each Azure resource type represented as an EA element has its own set of tag values and groups according to the Azure properties for the given resource. (view the tag values for a virtual machine)

Have the full list of all your Azure resources organized in packages and synced for you with a one time setup.

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