Automation HUB for Enterprise Architect Modules

ArqueHUB runs in Enterprise Architect environments in the server side, acting as an ecosystem of modules that perform recurrent tasks in the server side.

Full compliant with Enterprise Architect 16+ (64 bits) and Pro Cloud Server 5+ (64 bits).

ArqueHUB has been designed with a decoupled architecture that allows you to install its modules in the same or in different servers according to the load that your modules add to the ecosystem. Learn more about ArqueHUB Ecosystem.

Install your ArqueHUB modules once in the server side and configure them from a model diagram in Enterprise Architect.

Monitor the execution logs in Document elements in your model.

Integration Modules

Use Integration Modules to get external data synchronized to Enterprise Architect elements and refreshed periodically according to your needs.

Automation Modules

Use Automation Modules to execute rutinary tasks based on rules you can manage from a model diagram.

  • Create connectors based on crossed tag values.
  • Send emails to model users based on customized rules.
  • Create baselines periodically for significant packages in your model.